It is not so easy to travel, to leave own location and to move for long time to another country to follow our own dreams and ambitions.


Ars Shoes in the World is the only Professional School in the world that arranges professional courses in collaboration of own technicians and international designer, outside of its location Dominican Republic, directly into the country or into the Industries which require our services to allow to everyone to achieve a Professional carrier within Footwear Brand.


The purpose of the course is directed to the people who want to begin, to specialize or to intensify own knowledge in the  Footwear world. To apply to the course is not required a specific qualification or to be already involved into the Shoes brand. The course has been studied to allow to everyone, through the classic and at the same time updated method, to learn about basis, development and  updated of the : Footwear world.


Mainly the course will be in english language, but if it would be necessary, it will be consider the possibility to take the course in other languages.

The participants of the course will be a minimum of 20 for a maximum of 25 and it will be necessary to have a big place like a classroom or an auditorium.

If you are interesting to receive some more information, do not hesitate in to contact us by email to :



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